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Who is Your Customer Experience Officer (CXO)? [AW 173]
Episode 1732nd September 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Nichole Bennecoff discusses the importance of customer experience in the automotive industry. Nicole shares her company's focus on customer experience and introduces Taylor, a client success representative who manages communication between clients and the company. Taylor's responsibilities include monitoring client communication, arranging loaner vehicles, supporting service advisors and providing excellent customer service. Nicole and Carm also touch on setting client expectations, appearance, and the importance of listening to service advisor calls.

Nichole Bennecoff, Subie Guys, Traverse City, MI. Nichole's previous episodes HERE

Show Notes:

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  • The Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge (00:00:50) Discussion about the annual challenge to raise funds for breast cancer research and the goal of getting 500 shops involved.
  • The Role of a Client Success Representative (00:06:07) Nicole discusses the importance of customer experience and the implementation of a client success representative role in her business, Taylor. Taylor's responsibilities include monitoring client communication, arranging loaner vehicles, and providing excellent customer service.
  • Finding and training Taylor (00:09:07) Taylor was hired from a call center and has grown in her role to provide consistent and empathetic customer service.
  • Importance of customer retention (00:10:05) The importance of providing a great customer experience to retain clients and build trust for future visits.
  • Setting Expectations for Clients (00:16:47) Discussion on the importance of setting expectations for clients before they come in, including explaining the inspection process and providing information about the first appointment.
  • Client Gift Bag and Follow-Up (00:17:46) The practice of giving new clients a gift bag at their first appointment and sending thank you cards, as well as discussing the inspiration for these ideas.
  • Professionalism and Client Experience (00:18:41) Exploring the concept of professionalism and how it is demonstrated through intentional actions, appearance, and creating a positive client experience.
  • The customer experience and wait times (00:25:08) Discussion about the wait times for appointments and how they fluctuate depending on the week.
  • Branching out to other car makes (00:25:31) Exploring the expansion into servicing cars other than Subarus and teasing upcoming exciting news.

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