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159 - Why Data Standards for Digital Events - with Glenn Hansen
Episode 15925th July 2022 • Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events • Jim Cermak
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Data and Reporting Standards for digital events have been needed and missing for many years, and the shift to digital since the beginning of the pandemic made it even more necessary! My guest is one of the leaders to get these standards in place.

Why are they important and what do you need to know about them? Listen in to the entire episode and Share it!

Glenn Hansen is CEO of BPA Worldwide. His team has worked extensively with governmental, media and event industry organizations globally establishing world-class verification standards. Under Glenn's leadership, BPA pioneered trade show attendance auditing in China and expanded its global presence. In 2012 BPA began certifying the event industry to EIC's Sustainable Event Standards and ISO 20121. Now Glenn facilitated a working group creating the data standard for digital events called RSDE, Reporting Standards for Digital Events.

We Dive into the topic of Data standards for digital events and Discuss:

  • With COVID and the rush to digital there were unintended consequences. What did you see in that regard?
  • What were the circumstances that led you and BPA to think deeper about “standards” for digital event data?
  • What are the phases that are being rolled out?
  • What is RSDE made up of?
  • How will organizers know how to ask for it from their digital event platform?
  • How does RSDE benefit DEPs? What’s in it for them?
  • What role does BPA play in RSDE initiative and why?
  • What can organizers and exhibitors/sponsors do to push this initiative forward?

Glenn's Top Tips:

  • Obtaining the right digital event data, in accordance with RSDE, is only the beginning! Savvy exhibitors and event organizers will review the data available to them in detail.
  • Then, they’ll utilize it to inform their decisions and gather insights about how to make digital events work (better) for them moving forward.
  • Whether you’re exhibiting at virtual trade shows or hosting your own corporate events online, you’ll need to know how effective your efforts really are before you can improve upon them.
  • RSDE (the Reporting Standards for Digital Events) is an industry-created standard that empowers professionals, like you, to make smarter decisions and understand how digital events can work better.

Special Download:

  • Visit to download the standards and users guides and start demanding that digital event platforms are certified to verify they comply with this industry standard.

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