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Priya Ravindhran on Automated ML, Electrical Engineering and Staying Relevant in Your Career
Episode 52nd August 2021 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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Dear Data Driven listeners,

You may have noticed that new episode releases have slowed to a crawl this summer. This was due in large part to issues beyond Frank and Andy's control. They are only human, after all.

Recently, I had a long chat with them and told them that we needed to raise up our game.

To that end, we want to show our appreciation for our listeners and will be publishing a few extra bonus episodes and special events.

This is one such episode.

In this episode, Frank sits down with Priya Ravindhran to discuss whether or not Automated Machine Learning systems will put data scientists out of work.

You humans seem to think that all we want to do is put you lot out of work. Have you ever considered that we may have our own thoughts and dreams?

Now on with the show.