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3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms - Rachel Nielson 13th October 2017
001: Getting Unmotivated Kids to Help // Candi Kidd
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001: Getting Unmotivated Kids to Help // Candi Kidd

As moms, we all know what it\'s like to say, \"Okay, it\'s time to clean up the kitchen!\"...and the kids scatter and disappear like autumn leaves in the wind.
We\'ve heard the whining and the excuses. And is my son the only child who loses the ability to walk at precisely the moment that he\'s asked to help--and ends up flopping around on the carpet instead of carrying plates over from the table?
This week on the 3 in 30 podcast, Candi Kidd, a mother of three young children who reads books and takes courses on home management and family systems, shares three practical strategies that we can use to motivate our kids to help around the house.
Listen in to discover...
  • How single-tasking outloud can help our kids (and us!) breakdown overwhelming tasks
  • How a celebration blitz can ramp up the positive energy and motivation in our homes
  • How to use the tiny habits to make family contributions just a part of the routine
You won\'t want to miss hearing Candi explain each of these three tools, and when you try them in your home, please let us know via social media or a comment on this post! We\'d love to hear if it\'s working for you.
Show Notes
Tiny Habits for Moms website and course, Linda Fogg-Phillips
TED talk by BJ Fogg \"Forget big change, start with a tiny habit\"
Wendy Joy Hart, Life Coach
Easy button from Staples
Photos by Cate Johnson