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The Jackson Hole Connection - Stephan C. Abrams EPISODE 60, 31st October 2019
Episode 60 – Protecting the Future of Climbing with Armando Menocal
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Episode 60 – Protecting the Future of Climbing with Armando Menocal

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Armando Menocal. Armando is a third generation Cuban American, Civil Rights Lawyer, avid climber and co-founder of the Axis Fund, which helps climbers across the world. Over the past several years Armando has spent his summers climbing in Jackson and winters back in Cuba. 

In this episode, Stephan and Armando talk about Cuban culture, climbing outside of the US, the Tobacco Business, and the founding of the Axis Fund. 

To connect with Armando, visit CubaClimbing.com

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