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Pure Dog Talk - Laura Reeves 12th December 2016
6 – Growing Up Your Show Dog

6 – Growing Up Your Show Dog

Growing Up Your Show Dog:

In this Episode

Shaping a Show Dog
What are Why are boundaries important?
Crate Training and Safety

Exposure and Early Socialization:
Matter of fact introductions.
Your role and attitude and how it imprints on the dog.
Frequency of socialization.

Fitness Training:
Early puppy play and interaction with you.
Formal fitness training.
Cavaletti Poles

Understanding how to prevent problems in the ring.
Grooming, toenails, table time.
Positive acceptance of strangers

Show dogs make great pets...and go beyond to therapy and service.

Winning Edge

George Alston is a renowned professional handler and steps into your mindset for success in his book The Winning Edge. We love the part on presenting your dog like fine art to be cherished and admired.