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The Wild Life - The Wild Life EPISODE 44, 28th February 2020
Tainted Love Part 3: Garter Snakes with Dr Robert T Mason

Tainted Love Part 3: Garter Snakes with Dr Robert T Mason

In part 3, we talk to Dr Robert T Mason about the absolute chaos that is the sex life of a garter snake. We talk snake pits, mating balls, cloacal fluids, copulatory plugs, cryptic female choice, Snakes on a Plane, pheremones, and so much more!

Special thanks to Dr Robert T Mason (https://masonlab.science.oregonstate.edu/), Sebastian Echeverri (Twitter: @spiderdaynight, Instagram: @spiderdaynightlive) and Shakira QuiƱones (Twitter and Instagram: @shakiguani)

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