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Storm Front Freaks
6th April 2018 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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The official account of “The Most Entertaining Weather Podcast”! Storm Front Freaks is a team of amateur and professional storm enthusiasts from various backgrounds hosting exciting guests from the weather industry.



This started off great. The intro music slightly drowns out the voice over person. You introduce a very talented panel, do a great job of teasing what is coming up, and then things go sour. You've already introduced the panel in the intro, all we need now is their name and a hello to put the name with the voice. If we want to know what they are drinking, then make it, I'm Bob, whiskey sour, I'm Jane, seven-seven, I'm Bruce Vodka and Dew, etc. I listened to the first five minutes of a weather show and didn't hear a think about the weather. I realize you bill yourself as the most entertaining weather show and maybe that just means more booze, but if someone wanted to hear about the weather, they may not sit for five minutes waiting to get to something that ties in more closely to the name of your show. Also your show title didn't do much in terms of a "headline." What would make people want to click? Sure you have guests, but what revelations? What did they say that if you told your target audience would make them say, "I can't wait to hear that!" Put that as your title.

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