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Episode 322 – Live Coaching Call With A Growing Business
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Episode 322 – Live Coaching Call With A Growing Business

Episode 322 – Live Coaching Call With A Growing Business

Today we are talking to a small growing business who wants to build a sales team.

He goes out and does estimates all day long and would love to get someone to do this work for him.

We talk about his pain points, the equipment he has purchased, and package deals.

His main form of marketing is repeat business, Angies List, Home Advisor & referrals, with no proactive paid strategic marketing.

At this point, he has no levers. No systems in place like postcards that he can use. When we did postcards, we knew that when we sent out 1k postcard we would get so many calls, then from there, we would close so many of those sales.

If you have no leads, you have to be doing proactive marketing. 

This is how you scale much bigger, much faster.

Interested in hearing more about his business and the systems he’s going to implement? Listen to this 45-minute episode!

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