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Forge Abundance In This Global Debt Crisis with Brian Velez (OG 024)
15th July 2022 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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“In a world where money is infinite, the value of scarce assets goes to infinity because you can’t print more oil, food, or precious commodities.”    

Armed with a degree in Applied Mathematics & Economics from Columbia University, a background in hedge fund management, and now the Founder and CIO of Netizen Capital, Brian Velez has a fully comprehensive, lucid overview of the global monetary system. He understands the collapse of the US Dollar is inevitable and near, and sees crypto as humanity’s chance to take back economic power from the hands of the few. This interview is chock full one insights that will make you reconsider your investment strategy in the midst of this hyperinflationary period. Listen in and learn why to expect more volatility in the crypto market, how the Federal Reserve is fighting inflation, and what the consequences are to currency devaluation. 


  • [06:11] How working for a hedge fund and investment bank helped Brian see through the BS in institutional finance.
  • [11:11] Are $401k’s the way to go? 
  • [14:21] How is the Federal Reserve fighting inflation? Do they want the stock market to go down?
  • [20:25] Why is China so eager to introduce a central bank digital currency (CBDC)?
  • [26:39] Why does the US dollar have so much power? Is that changing?
  • [31:31] What are the consequences of devaluing our currency at an exponential rate?
  • [34:21] Is holding more cash a good strategy to hedge against inflation?
  • [39:56] What is algorithmic pegging?
  • [43:13] Why crypto is still in its alpha and beta stage and why to expect volatility.
  • [49:39] How you can ride the waves and thrive in middle of this global debt crisis.
  • [53:34] Why seeing opportunities in the gaps is EVERYTHING in crypto.


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