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The Scale Podcast - Marketing Strategies For Coaches - Oliver Denyer 15th May 2019
Authority = MONEY
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Authority = MONEY

Do you ever wonder how some people DOMINATE a marketplace? Think of the experts that have millions of followers on social media. How did they build this following? How did they get that big, when everyone starts with zero followers? Well one of the things you need to do is build authority in your marketplace. In this episode, we explore how it’s done.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The 5 degree explanation that connects authority to MONEY directly in your business. (This could be reason why things aren’t growing fast enough right now).
  • The real reason why some teachers at your school weren’t taken seriously, and people in your class laughed when they got mad …and how you might be having the same effect on your marketplace
  • The four elements you need to build authority in your marketplace
  • A sneaky alternative to building authority that you can use today …even if you’re not an expert in your field.

Links mentioned:

‘The Authority Method’ Masterclass