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Super Simple Trick To Eat Less Food That You Regret
Episode 2585th September 2023 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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Have you ever eaten a bunch of food that you didn’t really enjoy? 

Have you ever found yourself with a belly full of food that you regret?

Do you ever eat something and then you’re sitting there 30-60 minutes later and you’re like . . . 

Why in the world did I eat all of that? I didn’t really enjoy it that much and now I feel disgusting, like I have a stomach full of sludge. 

Good news! You’re not alone. We all do this. And that includes yours truly!

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be easy to do. Today, I’m going to provide a simple trick to help you avoid this situation. It’s something my wife and I do to keep from eating foods that we regret. It’s super helpful for us and I believe it will be super helpful for you too!


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