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049 - Integrity talk with Melanie Shong
8th March 2022 • The Human Factor • Sonja Stirnimann
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Would you like to learn about the insights and experiences of a real human resource expert who conducted hundreds of ethics investigations every year for over five years – leading to terminations for harassment, theft, discrimination, etc in public procurement law reform, legislation drafting, ethics and compliance advisory activity?

Let's do that together with Melanie Shong. She has over 30 years in leadership developmentand human resource management and she is a Certified Corporate Compliance and Ethics Professional.

Just a few highlights of our conversation with Melanie:

The role of integrity has to be in every single job that we have in any company, any country, any place in the world.
Work ethic almost always connects well to integrity.


Thank you for joining me on this episode of THE HUMAN FACTOR – Corporate Integrity Matters

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