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Follow Your “Yes” Friday – Do not resist your “Yes”
12th August 2016 • Speaking of Partnership: Personal Stories of the Power and Payoffs of Partnership • Ken Bechtel
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Do you follow your "Yes?"

Following your "Yes" is about you taking a step forward in your partnerships by taking action and applying at least one thing you heard from our guests during their interviews this week.

On today’s episode, all of this week’s guests have generously provided BONUS MATERIAL, not included in the interviews you listened to earlier this week.

Each one has provided incredible examples of the power of following your “Yes”. Enjoy!

Rodolfo Young

Not Following -

A partner Rodolfo was with had a miscarriage. When it happened they were in different countries. He was planning to go be with her for her 3 month check up and she said “No, don’t come.”

But something told Rodolfo he needed to be there. And as strong as this “Yes” was he let the excuse of her saying don’t come and his own fears and emotions make him ignore what his “Yes” was. He knew the right thing for him was to be there, but he did not go.

It took them both years to heal what happened. 

They never got together to heal it in partnership since it was created in partnership. Instead they approached it as individuals.

Following -

Rodolfo was in the U.S Army Special Operations force for 6 years, and his contract was for 8 years. He had just returned from the Middle East and had the option to go into a status called Individual Ready Reserve or IRR.

His “Yes” was saying to go IRR because he wanted to start his own personal life and come out of the military mentality at that time.

Everyone he knew was telling him that was a bad idea because, having just come back from deployment, he was basically protected from being deployed for another year and if he went IRR it was almost guaranteed he would be deployed again in just a few weeks.

But within him was a deep intuition that said “you need to get out now.” And he did it and went IRR.

As it turns out the rules changed and in about a month the unit he was in before got redeployed.

And Rodolfo never got the call. Instead he got to finish out his college education and start into the spiritual path he is on all because he listened to his intuition.

Listen to Rodolfo’s full interview here

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Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen March 2016 6x4 borderNot Following -

When Jeffrey met his wife, Hisami, she spoke very little english. 

As Jeffrey really tunes in today and asks what is the #1 most important thing he could do for his relationship, the answer is always learn Japanese.

Even though he knows how amazing it will be to be able to communicate with her in her native tongue where she can fully express herself, he keeps taking small steps.

The consequence of not doing whatever it takes to learn Japanese is a loss of opportunity. 

His relationship would be less stressful and deeper and easier if he learned to speak Japanese.

Sometimes he is just doing enough to be able to check the bad and say he followed his “Yes”, but truth is he did not fully commit to following his “Yes.”

So Jeffrey suggests you be really clear on what your “Yes” is. For him is it “I’m studying Japanese” or “I’m speaking Japanese fluently with my wife?”

Following -

Jeffrey’s “Yes” was extremely clear that he was supposed to move to Sedona, AZ.

His guidance comes in phase. It is not always a momentary awareness. 

If Jeffrey follows his guidance, he does not know why he’s following or where it’s going until he says yes a few times. Only then might he understand what is going on.

He got a “Yes” to list his house in Denver. And he resisted it because he had just renovated the place and it was perfect. So he listed it really high.

A little while later he ends up in Sedona for the first time ever and gets another clear “Yes” that he is moving there. And it becomes clear why he had to list his house.

After a couple days of sitting with the fears of moving since his home and job and everything is in Denver, Jeffrey settled in and fully said yes to his “Yes” to move to Sedona. 

Within an hour of the time he said yes he received a full price offer on his house in Denver.

Listen to Jeffrey's full interview here

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