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E1 – The Male Friendship Problem – With Max Dickins, Author & Comedian
Episode 111th July 2023 • The Privileged Man Podcast • The Privileged Man
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Today, we have a very special guest, Max Dickins. A man who has traversed the landscape of media and art, leaving a mark on each and every platform he graces, from print to stage, from radio waves to the small screen BUT today he’s here with us in London to discuss something profoundly personal and universally impactful.

He's the acclaimed author of 'Billy No Mates: How I Realised Men Have a Friendship Problem', a book that has made a global impact and has been translated into numerous languages. This is not just a piece of literature; it's an exploration of male friendships, an issue often buried under layers of machismo and societal expectations.

His insightful and hilarious writing has also been featured in prominent publications such as The Observer, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, and GQ highlighting his unique blend of candor and wit.

A Sony Award nominee for his radio show on Absolute Radio, a playwright with a nationally toured, critically acclaimed play 'Man on the Moor', and a familiar face on BBC One’s Michael McIntyre’s Big Show - he is a man of many talents indeed.

But today, we focus on the issue at the heart of his book 'Billy No Mates', an issue that resonates with so many men the often-unspoken problem of forming and maintaining male friendships.

It is my great pleasure to introduce our esteemed guest, the multitalented and insightful, Mr. Max Dickins.

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