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Funnels & Business Growth Podcast - Gavin Bell TRAILER, 16th August 2019
Why You Should Listen & Who Even Am I?!
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Why You Should Listen & Who Even Am I?!

Hey, welcome to the Funnily Enough show, the weekly show that brings you a smile, laughs & incredibly actionable advice on all things digital marketing & marketing funnels.

I’m your host, Gavin Bell, owner of Facebook ads agency, Fat Pony Ltd, international keynote speaker & founder of the Funnel Academy - the online membership teaching entrepreneurs how to achieve lifestyle freedom by creating an automated marketing system.

This short form show lasts no longer than 25 mins and is released every Tuesday evening.

This isn’t just a normal marketing show with the same guests answering the same questions… I bring the brightest minds in business and marketing on to ask the questions you don’t normally get to hear… and I challenge them all to a game.

Can’t wait to join you here on Funnily Enough… be sure to tell your friends that you can listen to this show for FREE on any of the platforms that supports podcasts.