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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 70, 4th September 2020
Weekend Weight Loss Challenge!
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Weekend Weight Loss Challenge!

As you guys know, I am NOT a fan of weight loss challenges. They’re a short-term rah-rah solution to a larger, long-term problem. But here’s the thing - I’m not against all challenges. I believe challenging yourself can be a great thing. It allows you to really focus on something specific and build some mental muscle!

Well-designed challenges can also bring attention and awareness to an area or issue that’s been ignored or overlooked for far too long. And that’s exactly the type of challenge I’m giving you today. We’re going to zone in on something that you’re probably doing and don’t even realize. It’s something that you need to work on, but is totally under your radar.

Is it overeating? Am I going to ask you to eat smaller portions?

Is it lack of exercise? Am I going to ask you to workout everyday?

Is it sweets? Am I going to ask you to cut back on sweets and desserts?

Is it snacking? Are we going to cut out snacks?

No, no, no, and no.

Tune in to discover this super unique, super surprising weekend “weight loss challenge!”

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