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EVM076 From Broadcast Ads to Online Video in the Auto Industry with Jeff Hayes
Episode 7614th January 2019 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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Jeff Hayes, a 30-year creative production and advertising pro and Founder of Capstone Production Group and Dealer Creative in the USA, joins us in this episode as we explore traditional and online video marketing, the changes advertising has gone through over the years, the impact it has on the automotive industry and many more. Jeff has seen the creation of over 22,000 commercials and videos for over 900 car dealerships and local businesses in the United States.

In this episode

  • Jeff’s background and what led him to video production for the automotive industry.
  • A sneak peek on his business, team, their work and the growth of his company.
  • The changes the automotive industry has undergone in terms of advertising and marketing.
  • Does broadcast advertising still work? How does it go hand in hand with digital advertising? How do you make it work better to reach your target market?
  • The pros and cons of advertising on broadcast and online media channels and how it can communicate and affect your business character and message.
  • Tips on how Jeff talks to clients about advertising strategies, unrealistic expectations, budget and branding.
  • Why Jeff joined Ben’s Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course.


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