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The Electric Revolution: Insights From Dave Giles [RR 959]
Episode 95931st May 2024 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Thanks to our Partners, AAPEX, NAPA TRACS, and Automotive Management Network EV expert Dave Giles discusses the rise of electric vehicles, the practicality of PHEVs for consumers, the cost implications, the maintenance requirements of EVs, and the vital need for updated training and curriculum for automotive technicians. They also touch on the market trends, challenges, and opportunities for repair shops to embrace the EV revolution. Discover key insights that will help your business stay ahead in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape.
Show Notes
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  • The growth of EVs (00:01:06) Dave discusses the growth of EVs in the automotive industry and the sale of his company, All EV Canada.
  • The need for EV training and preparation (00:02:32) Dave emphasizes the importance of preparing technicians and shops for servicing electric vehicles.
  • The changing landscape of the automotive industry (00:05:16) The changing automotive industry, including the increasing presence of EVs and the need for infrastructure development.
  • Curriculum development and advisory roles (00:13:52) Dave talks about his involvement in curriculum development for schools, including the incorporation of electric vehicles into training programs.
  • The importance of being proactive (00:17:40) The importance of being proactive in embracing new technologies and preparing to service electric vehicles.
  • Hybrid and PHEV Vehicles (00:19:43) Discussion on the increasing presence of hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the automotive industry.
  • Education and Training in Saudi Arabia (00:25:35) Dave's experience in Saudi Arabia, working with large manufacturers and developing competencies for electric vehicles.
  • National Automotive Vehicle Academy (00:29:49) The development of a curriculum for automotive service technicians, assembly line workers, and engineers in Saudi Arabia.
  • High School STEM Programs (00:32:51) The introduction of STEM programs in high schools and the investment in technical education for high school students.
  • China's Role in EV Industry (00:35:25) Brief discussion on China's innovation and technology in the electric vehicle industry and its potential impact.
  • Embracing Electric Vehicles (00:37:24) Encouragement for shop owners to embrace electric vehicles and the potential benefits for their business.
  • Marketing EV Readiness (00:38:53) Suggestions for shop owners to market their readiness for electric vehicles, including installing EV chargers.
  • Charging Station Availability (00:39:59) Discussion about the convenience of having EV charging stations at hotels and the impact on travelers.
  • Conclusion and Final Remarks (00:41:06) Summarizing the episode's objective and the importance of being well-informed about EV repair business.
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