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The 80/20 Rule for Entrepreneurs
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The 80/20 Rule for Entrepreneurs

The 80/20 rule is based on focusing 20% of your effort on tasks that give 80% of the result. The 80/20 rule is not only useful when it comes to productivity but also provides a positive impact to better manage yourself as an entrepreneur. This rule can be applied in all aspects of your life, from business to wellness to mindset.

Entrepreneurs need certain essential foundations in their arsenal to be successful. And one of them is how efficient you are with how you approach your entrepreneurial endeavors. You can't spend time on the little jobs that are not revenue-generating, You need to focus on the 20% that is essential to your business: making money. 

In today's episode, Dan Schwartz, CEO of InvestorFuse, talks about how applying the 80/20 rule to his life and business has made a significant impact on his success. We also discuss IF3 (the newest version of InvestorFuse) and what you can expect later this year when it rolls out. Dan also explains his pet project The 80/20 Investor Academy, which helps entrepreneurs grow their business through exceptional courses. In addition, we go into how vital healthy daily habits are to ensure that your mindset is locked and loaded for another successful day.

Key Takeaways

  • How Dan pivoted from a wholesaler to a software entrepreneur
  • The 80/20 rule discussion (as well as information on the 80/20 Investor Academy)
  • Important Daily Habits
  • Resource: Base Camp (a great tool for staying organized)
  • The importance of having a playbook for every aspect of your business
  • To play the long game, you have to have strong processes in place
  • What might be holding you back from success
  • Your thoughts and self-awareness are pivotal to your success 
  • Finding your genius zone
  • Success requires abnormal thinking; Normal thinking leads to mediocre results
  • How to dial into your "why" 
  • How intermittent fasting can sharpen your mind
  • A strong and positive mindset will allow you to stay competitive in any market
  • What are your motivating factors for success?

Check It Out: Free Demo of InvestorFuse 80/20 Investor Academy

Book Recommendations

Base Camp (Managing projects, people and tasks)

Contact Dan (He will get back to you and answer any questions you may have)