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Trailer6th August 2022 • This is Beauty • Nina Kins
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What is Beauty, exactly? Where does the feeling come from, and why do we experience it in the first place? Why is Beauty different for each us and what does Beauty look, feel, sound, smell and taste like to others?

In this podcast where explore the unbounded intersections between beauty, our world, and personal experience, we take on this very big, often complex, and frequently controversial subject as we seek to answer some important questions about one of life's most mysterious, sacred and profound experiences.

Join host, Nina Kins on Thursdays when she talks to people from around the world and all walks of life about their take on Beauty and guides you on fascinating and visceral journeys deep into Beauty's beating heart, where moments of awe, inspiration and join still thrive. This is Beauty Podcast, the place where the search for real Beauty begins...