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The Way of Healing Podcast - OJ and Kasey EPISODE 40, 5th November 2019
Connecting to Ourselves Through Reiki and Meditation | April Pfender
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Connecting to Ourselves Through Reiki and Meditation | April Pfender

APRIL PFENDER is a Reiki master teacher, meditation instructor, and author of the bestselling Chakra Balance. The founder of Santa Monica Healing, she specializes in Reiki and quantum healing practices, meditation guidance, sound healing, and sacred workshops and retreats. Join us as we explore April’s journey into healing and the different dimensions of consciousness.

IG: @santamonicahealing

[1:30] April’s Studio
[2:54] Path to Reiki
[6:16] Some History of Reiki
[9:36] Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Sirians
[11:01] Telus, Protocols for the Fifth Dimensional Living
[11:45] Coming Online to Consciousness
[14:37] Reiki & Personal Energy
[16:14] Reiki Attunements
[17:25] Channeling Energy
[21:10] What Does a Session with April Look Like?
[23:20] Schumann Resonances and Energy Fluctuations
[26:11] It’s Bigger Than Us
[27:18] Quantum Shields and Shungite for Your Electronics
[31:20] Crystal Ship or Quantum Resonance Bed
[35:49] Healthy Approach to Healing…Integration
[37:50] Skyla, a French Bulldog
[41:13] Psychic Children
[44:00] Gravitating To Crystals
[46:39] Synchronized Timelines, Memory, and Dimensions