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Episode 293 – Let’s Talk About The HUGE Convention With Brian Sauls & Mike Hinderliter
2nd July 2018 • The Growth Vault Podcast •
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Episode 293 - Let's Talk About The HUGE Convention With Brian Sauls & Mike Hinderliter

Are you ready for 2, yes 2 interviews

from speakers at The Huge Convention?!

The first is Brian Sauls, he has a rather large pressure washing company!

He built this company and realized that all he had was stress and no clarity on who he was trying to impress. He was simply growing for growth's sake and caught up in a negative inertia.

His brother and he started the business around 2010.  

Growing up, they never had tons of money and it seemed like a very worthy goal to make as much money as possible. At the time, he didn’t realize how much cost this came with.

After building the business up, he reached a point where he had to look around and realized he wasn’t happy. He was burnt out, the business was doing better than ever, but he hated every second of it.

Seeing others in our industry being successful was good and bad and he had an epiphany.

Numbers just weren't important anymore. Brian had his wife and little girl. Sometimes it’s enough to just be content and be happy.

Ready to hear more? Check out today's episode!

Join me next for Mike Hnderlighter who has built multiple million dollar businesses!

He’s also a speaker at the huge convention in August.

He’s pretty much a legend in the industry. He currently has a supply and distribution company that’s huge and a service company that’s huge with over 100 employees.

Mike grew up in the business. He started a truck washing business in high school. Started another business from there and even bought out his fathers company.

It’s been a learning experience and there have been struggles like any other business. - Mike Hinderliter

Never never never give up - Winston Churchill

Learn about getting unstuck and foster a growth culture inside of your company. Take a listen to Mikes interview!

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