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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast - Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 942, 28th June 2021
The High Sign – David Heeren pt 1

The High Sign – David Heeren pt 1


David Heeren pt 1

The Day of the Lord, Armageddon, the End of the World – you can call it whatever you want. But it has been on the minds of Christians for almost 2,000 years. And more if you count the Old Testament prophets, etc.

There have been numerous people over the centuries that tried to predict when the “end would come.” All failed. But many just, really, picked a date and built their narrative around it in order to gain influence over others.

But, our guest today, has spent the better part of 16 years, I believe, studying the Bible and other references and he has written a book titled, “The High Sign: The Final Great Intervention of God on the Earth.”

David Heeren has a life history of logical study of statistics. He is the statistician that created the system used today for rating basketball players and teams. Oh, and he created this back in 1961 while working for the New York Knicks – and it is still used worldwide today! Amen! He knows numbers. He knows facts. He knows how to put them together to develop logical programs that really tell the story.

And he did that in this book, “The High Sign: The Final Great Intervention of God on the Earth.”

First question, other than that brief information I just shared, is this. Can you tell us in your own words, “Who is David Heeren?”

This is a very interesting book and I’m blessed to be able to discuss this theory with you. Folks, I’m telling you, this is a well-researched book. There is an extensive bibliography and almost 150 references in the index. This is not something that was just the result of a bad taco or something.

You started down this path by seeing 20 images of comets are in the Book of Isaiah?

And you have associated 25 major Biblical events centered around comets? Can you give us a few examples?

And of the 25 events, 24 have already occurred. What is the one event left?

You hypothesize that Noah’s flood was caused by a comet approaching too close to earth. How did this result in a flood?

You have also researched the links to a comet theory that, basically, provides convincing evidence that counters the geologic theory of an ice age, correct?

How does all of this relate to Sodom and Gomorrah?

And you also believe the plagues in the Book of Exodus were possibly caused by another comet?

Folks, we are not in the business of naming dates. Jesus said you could not do that. BUT, we are in the business of “knowing the times and seasons.” And there can be no doubt that we are definitely living in the days the Bible calls, “the last days.”

I urge you to get a copy of David Heeren’s book “The High Sign: The Final Great Intervention of God on the Earth.”

Go down into the show notes and click the links to order your copy of David Heeren’s book today.



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