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Moving Vulnerable Communities from Surviving to Thriving, Part 2
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Moving Vulnerable Communities from Surviving to Thriving, Part 2

Stay engaged with the social and environmental justice dialogues started at the 2016 National Funding and Resources Training Summit to Revitalize Vulnerable Communities Learn How HERE



Opportunities Through Alternative Energy


[02:17] Introduction of Gilbert Campbell.

[03:08] Gilbert describes Volt Energy.

[04:29] Gilbert conveys his thoughts on the potential to create economic opportunities in the renewable-energy sector.

[05:21] Gilbert relates why he’s involved in the 2016 National Training and Resources Summit to Revitalize Vulnerable Communities.

[06:31] Does Volt Energy’s business model address the seeming lack of focus on providing solar-power access to lower-income communities?

[07:29] Gilbert shares if he thinks energy efficiency could be a strategy to reduce poverty and move communities from surviving to thriving.

[08:06] Gilbert relates why it’s important for those who care about economic and environmental inequality to attend the Summit.

[08:45] Gilbert provides one change that would lead to more energy-efficient, more sustainable, and more equitable communities.

[09:10] Gilbert states the action that listeners can take to help build a more energy-efficient, equitable, and sustainable future.

[09:24] Gilbert shares how widespread solar and alternative energy will be and how widespread access will be for low- and moderate-income folks 30 years from now.


Gilbert Campbell is a co-founder of Volt Energy, a renewable energy project development firm that builds, operates, and maintains state-of-the-art solar energy systems for commercial, industrial, government and educational institutions.

Gilbert was recently named to EBONY magazine’s 2014 Power List, which recognizes influential achievements by African Americans annually. Additionally, under Gilbert’s leadership, Volt Energy is largely recognized as an emerging national renewable energy development firm. Volt is a 2014 recipient of Amtrak and The Washington Wizards Pioneer Award, honoring companies that have made a positive impact in their community. Gilbert is a member of The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE), an Advisor to the US Department of Energy’s Minorities in Energy Initiative, and an Advisory Board Member of The Center for Energy Research and Technology at North Carolina A&T. Gilbert also serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Washington Boys and Girls Club and is on the Ambassador Board for KIPP DC. Gilbert graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.B.A in Finance from Howard University and has done post-graduate leadership training at Harvard University.


Volt Energy is one of the largest minority owned solar energy development firms that builds, operates, and maintains state-of the-art solar energy systems for commercial, industrial, government and educational institutions. Volt Energy offers its clients solar energy at significant savings through a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which requires no upfront costs. Volt Energy draws on the experience of its diverse project team of professionals in project finance, engineering, land use law, project management and business development to deliver quality solar solutions for its clients.


“Volt Energy, at its core, is a renewable-energy firm, and we really focus on innovative finance solutions…where we can bring solar, with no upfront cost, or it could be electric-vehicle charging stations, or it could be a combination of energy storage, where we’re helping organizations reduce their energy load, carbon footprint.”

“The solar industry…is growing twelve times faster than national economy. However, there’s room for improvement. When you look at statistics as far as minorities employed in the solar industry—and women is a little bit better, but it still has a lot of room for growth—it’s right around twenty percent, so the industry is growing very fast, but when you look at vulnerable communities, the jobs aren’t growing as fast as the industry.”

“There’s a lot of incentives promoting solar that really helps business owners and home owners being able to reduce their energy cost, and a lot of times in our vulnerable communities, we don’t know about it. So, when I say we show up, we really get engaged in the community, letting people know here are the benefits. That’s something that we, at our core, are really passionate about. But I do want to mention that under President Obama’s leadership, this is an issue that he’s outlined steps to address this.”


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