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20th September 2017 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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Everyone says they want to increase their income but so many of us don’t have the right habits to do so. What is the one thing that can have a huge effect on your overall success? How do you get in your own way with the stories you tell yourself? On this episode, we talk about the power of your morning routine.


Exercise: Motion creates emotion.

The brain only knows what you tell it.

Shift your focus to positive things and your life will transform.

On this episode we discussed;

  • Why working out is a fundamental principle of success
  • How to shift your results by shifting your focus
  • Why you’re stuck

Never underestimate the power of waking up bright and early on a daily basis, and the principle of motion creating emotion and the impact on your results in the rest of your life. What keeps you stuck where you are are the habits that you’ve cultivated, so if you can change those things, you will achieve success.