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Never Give Up on Your Dreams, Unless… ~ Coffee Break
8th August 2018 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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Should You Never Give Up on Your Dreams?

We love the popular Winston Churchill quote: “Never, never, never give up.” It’s especially powerful coming from someone who had to lead a whole country when failure was imminent. However, Charles Dickens coined another, rather opposite expression in his novel The Pickwick Papers: “Never say never.1)

So… which approach is more true?

Should we never give up? Or, is there a time we should give up? How do we decide when to give up? How do we distinguish between feeling overwhelmed right now versus deciding it’s time to quit?

If you’ve been following us for a while you know that we rarely talk about “giving up.” Yet when we’ve been working towards a goal for a long time, and not seeing the results we’re hoping for, it’s only natural to consider throwing the towel in.

Thoughts of doubt creep in. But you can never be certain if calling it quits is the right option. It probably doesn’t help to read quotes like “Never give up!” when you’re battling the storm of indecision about it. There are also the external opinions of people who think you should quit vs people who believe in you and your dreams.

Which voice is the right one? Is there a right voice at all?  

We cover all those questions in this Coffee Break as well as our own stories and examples the pros and cons of giving up.

Topics Discussed

  • Stories of perseverance
  • Owning a horse story
  • Adoption story
  • Costa Rica story
  • Failures – no invest/ investor mindsets, now CA’s success…
  • How sometimes you need to know “when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em
  • “Sunk cost” fallacy
  • Windshield wiper inventor
  • 3 feet from Gold
  • How to decide when to keep on going and when to give up?
  • Only you can decide for you, but how?
  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Google Updates example


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Quotes From Episode:

“Never, never, never give up!”
~Winston Churchill
“If you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked too, then I am not interested in your feedback.”
~Brene Brown
“Learn, do, implement.”
~LeAura Alderson 
“If you’re doing something you love, you will want to give it your all.”
~LeAura Alderson 
“You can’t dwell. Once you decide, just decide and move forward.”
~Devani Alderson
“When you’re ready to bail on something, let it be because something else bigger is pulling you forward.”
~LeAura Alderson

Do You Like Longer Coffee Break Episodes?

This Coffee Break is a lot longer than our typical, we generally try and keep them under 30 minutes. But some topics, like never giving up, have so many different questions and ideas to share! So, we’d love to hear from you…

  • Would you rather us make longer episodes into multiple parts?
  • Do you enjoy the occasional longer ones?
  • Is there a topic you’d like us to cover?

Please send an email to or message our Facebook Page. Several listeners have mentioned they really enjoy the Coffee Break episodes and we want to make ensure the content is valuable. Your feedback is always welcome as we evolve and grow!

Inspiring Movie on Churchill

Looping back to Churchill, if you like historical dramas, Darkest Hour is an incredibly well-done movie. It portrays Churchill’s perseverance in the face of tremendous opposition and near failure. And it wonderfully humanized a man who’s become a legend.


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