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The Cheetah Girls
Episode 520th December 2021 • Remember When... • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Show Name: Remember When…?

Episode #5: The Cheetah Girls

You are listening to Remember when…? with your host(s) Sofia Zangrilli and Regina Franco.

In this episode of Remember when…?  we will be continuing our movies series and talk about The Cheetah Girls

Segment 1:  Summary 

  • A movie series with three movies
  • 1st- 2003
  • 2nd- 2006
  • 3rd- 2008
  • Our favorites 
  • Song
  • Which movie
  • The iconic jumpsuits at the end of the 1st
  • I was  a cheetah girl for Halloween when I was four 

Segment 2: Important topics brought up in the movie

  • Talked about topics like living in a foster home, single parents
  • Appreciated multiple different cultures

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