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Rethinking Everything We Believe About So-Called “Traditional” Relationships, Emotional Literacy And The Secret Sauce For Fulfilling Intimacy with Effy Blue
19th October 2022 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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Hello beautiful Superhumans. I am so happy you decided to tune in with me again. Those of you who have been listening to this podcast for a while know, this is a place where we talk about growth and transitions and exploring how humanity can become humanity 2.0 and how we can fulfill our highest potential in every aspect, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

I have always felt that love is at the core of what drives humanity. As I perceive it, everything is about love, the presence, or the absence of it. 

Romantic relationships are built on the foundation of love. When we look at the current discussion about defining what a relationship is, what is apparent to me is that there are so many ways to celebrate and live love and that the so-called traditional model of relationship does not work for a significant percentage of the population. When we look at divorce rates and the high numbers of individuals who live a lifestyle of serial monogamy, which not always, but likely often is an indicator of the heteronormative model not working for someone and when 49% of Millenials either have experienced or say they want to experience a non-monogamous relationship, it tells me that we need to look at the way we understand love.

Are what we call traditional relationships truly traditional when we look at the history of humanity? What is the secret sauce for happy, healthy relationships?

Today's guest, Effy Blue, has answers to these questions. Effy is a relationship coach and founder of Curious Fox, a community that inspires individuals to challenge the status quo in love, sex and relationships and the one-size-fits-all prescription society so far has offered us. Effy encourages and teaches us to seek and find our own expression of loving and relating, whether our love is monogamous, polyamorous, hetero, queer, asexual or whether we choose to put a label on it at all.

In this episode with Effy Blue, you'll discover:

-The current trends regarding monogamous relationships among the younger generations...03:30

-"Traditional" relationships are a relatively new concept...06:31

-Effy's process of self-discovery pertaining to infidelity and authentic relationships...11:11

-Embrace your true identity by expanding your circle of influence regarding relationships...15:40

-Different forms of non-monogamy...21:00

-First steps to consider when you're ready to explore differing forms of relationships...26:20

-Why is there such fear of the concept of "free love"?...30:00

-What are the benefits of having multiple partners?...35:17

-"Emotional literacy" defined...38:26

-How to make time for multiple partners, not to mention yourself!...42:05

-Effy's thoughts on the future of relationships...48:22

-Effy's best personal practices...50:00

-And much more!

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