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Old Fox Young Fox - Old Fox Young Fox EPISODE 19, 8th March 2020
Digital Transformation with Tony Moroney of Beta Digital
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Digital Transformation with Tony Moroney of Beta Digital

A recent global study found that 45% of senior management believe their company will be obsolete within 3-5 yrs.

  • What would happen if Amazon entered your market?
  • And why are some organisations so slow to embrace change?

If you’re an analog Exec leading an analog organisation operating in a digital world (or if you think you may be part of one) you need to listen to this conversation with Tony Moroney of Beta Digital on how to transform to a digitally-mature organisation.

About our guest

Tony Moroney is a Managing Partner at Beta Digital, a consultancy who specialise in helping business leaders embrace and engage with digital transformation - the movement from an analog to digitally-enabled business model. Tony is based in Dublin, has an MBA and a background in Banking, Marketing and Consultancy.

Contacting our guest

Tony can be reached via LinkedIn: https://ie.linkedin.com/in/tonymoroney

The Beta Digital website is: https://www.betadigital.net/

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