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Podcast Profits Strategy Workshop With Erik K Johnson
Episode 611st December 2022 • Profit From Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Unlocking the Secrets of Podcast Monetization

So many webinars are boring, and let's face it you never watch those replays. What is the answer? A laser-focused workshop that helps you take the steps to come up with a strategy for your show. It's happening on December 17th see

You will build your monetization strategy in three hours. The workshop is limited to 12 participants to ensure you get lots of help.

The organizer is Erik K Johnson ( the Podcast Talent Coach ). Erik has over 30 years of radio, and is also the co-host (with me) on the Podcast Review Show.

Today We Talk About

The biggest challenges podcasters face.

1:49 The four steps of the sales process.

4:12 Why I’m only allowing 12 people in the workshop?

How many webinars have you put into use to actually move your business forward?

For more information about the workshop CLICK HERE.

Are You Making This Podcast Mistakes That is Costing You Sales?

I'm seeing more and more of my coaching clients that are sending their listeners to the very basic website from their media host when all the "magic" of products and services along with newsletter sign-ups are on their own website.

Treat each episode like a blog post and take your episode description and post it on your website and then embed the player into that post (along with buttons to subscribe and follow).

The magic is happening on YOUR website. When people link to it, it may boost YOUR SEO, and it may then increase your time on site (which Google pays attention to).

If you're not sure what I'm talking about you can "pick my brain" as I am not doing coaching without calendars. See

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School of Podcasting

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Need Help Growing Your Show?

Do you know why your show isn't growing? (Probably not as you are TOO CLOSE to the content and you've lost your objectivity). I can help spot that low-hanging fruit that you missed. Schedule a strategy session today and let's get your show growing at a faster pace.

Strategy Session


David Jackson 0:00

All right, well joining me, my co host from the podcast review show, you know him from podcast talent, the one and only Eric Kay Johnson. How's it going, buddy?

Erik K. Johnson 0:09

Hey, Dave, great to see you. Thanks for having me on the show today,

David Jackson 0:12

you have, especially for people that already have a podcast, and they've got that audience. They're like, it'd be nice if I can make some money with this thing. You got a workshop coming up? So tell us a little bit about it. Yeah, Dave,

Erik K. Johnson 0:23

one of the biggest challenges podcasters face when they come to me is they like, well, I launched my podcast now, what do I do with it? How do I use it to attract my ideal clients? How do I use it to grow my business? And as I've been working with coaches, one on one over the years? That's the biggest question that I have. And I realized they simply don't have a strategy to take listeners and convert them to clients. They're not walking them down the path. And I show them the podcast profit strategy. And they're like, Oh, well, that makes total sense. So what I want to do is put together this workshops coming up on Saturday, December 17. It's build your podcast profit Strategy Workshop. It's a three hour workshop, where I'll show you the strategy, and we will build your strategy right there. I'll show you how to monetize it's not difficult to understand. You just need a strategy to implement it. And that's what we're going to build here and then build your podcast profit Strategy Workshop.

David Jackson 1:18

Well, I always hear people say like, I don't know, I just feel salesy. Like I always say like a used car salesman or whatever they like, why don't I just when they get to promoting themselves, they get a little squirmish? Because it's probably something that they haven't done. Maybe they're nothing in sales at all. So is this going to help with that?

Erik K. Johnson 1:36

I heard that just the other day, one of the podcasters told me Yeah, it's hard to offer any opportunities without sounding salesy. Like I'm just turning my podcast into a commercial. Well, if you seek to help people, first, you approach your show with the heart of a teacher and you serve and you give people the why behind what you do and give them the how you're serving them, you're giving them the ability, if they want to take it from there and go figure it out. Great. You've served them, you've given them a vision, you've pointed them in the right direction, and said have added go get them. But if you want to fast track it, you make it easy, then you give them the opportunity to go deeper with you and work with you one on one or in your group program or in your course to to reach the results faster. It's not necessarily a hard sell. It's a fact that you're just offering them more help. The sales process is broken into four steps. The first step is building rapport with your audience. The second step is qualifying your prospect to make sure that you're right for them and they're right for you. The third step is educating them on your solution. And then the fourth step is to close the sale. So many people rush to that. Step number three, let me tell you about my course. Let me tell you about my coaching program. And they're like, I don't even know you yet. I how do I how do I know you're right for me, and I'm right for you. And that's what your podcast does for you. Your Podcast allows you to build rapport with your audience, through the stories that you tell and the examples that you give. And it allows you to qualify your audience because your audience self qualifies themselves. They listen to you and go man. Dave has exactly what I need. Like he's the guy that knows how to podcasts. He's the guy I want to come to. So when they get on the call with you, or they get on your webinar, or they they see you on stage somewhere, you've already gone through the first two steps of the sales process. So it's not necessarily all salesy. You're just offering the next logical step. building rapport is actually 40% of the sales process. And qualifying your prospect is 30%. So that 70% of the sales process is complete, by the time they get to you because you spend time on your show. showing people how you help them and what you help them accomplish. You show them what's possible, you serve them and you give to them. So by the time you say, if you want to go deeper or see how this can work for you, let's jump on a call and discuss it. You're 70% of the way there, it's not being salesy. It's serving with a with a giving heart.

David Jackson 4:20

Well and speaking and making sure if people are right, for the product or whatever I if I understand this, right, you're only allowing 12 people in the class.

Erik K. Johnson 4:29

Yes, because I want this to be a this is going to be a masterclass workshop where we roll up our sleeves and we get stuff done. I want to give you the dedicated help that you need to build the podcast profit strategy that's right for you. Therefore, I can't let 100 people in here because then you're going to fade into the back. You're not going to get your questions answered. You're not going to get a strategy complete by the end of the three hours. I limited to 12 people. So we're all in the same Zoom Room. I'm answering your question. sessions, we're talking about your specific strategy. We're talking about your ideal client, how we find them, how we reach them, how we take them from being a listener that's interested to being a client that's invested. And I can't do that in mass. So I'm limiting the workshop to 12 people, the first 12 that sign up, get to take the workshop with me, it's three hours long, Saturday, December 17, runs from 10am to 1pm. central time, it's a $97 tuition investment, because I want to make sure that people that get in the workshop are those that are willing to do the work. I don't want tire kickers, people that are just going to come in and go, Well, that was a nice little webinar. This isn't a webinar, this isn't just more training that you put in your drawer and think that was nice. And you discover 18 months later and go, Oh, when did I take that? This is stuff that you're going to put to use. This is not just throw away material, we're actually getting it done. We are doing the work in the workshop. That's why it's only limited to 12 people. And that's why there's a $97 tuition fee. So you are committed, you're willing to show up, I don't want you to register and then catch the replay. That doesn't work. How many replays Have you gone and watched? How many webinars have you put into use to actually move your business forward? exactly zero. So this one is the one you're going to invest in, you're going to show up, you're going to do the work and you're going to walk away with a podcast profit strategy. That's not only effective, but it's effective for your show because we built it together.

David Jackson 6:36

You took the question out of my mouth it was gonna be like so can I watch the replay? Like that's probably not in this case.

Erik K. Johnson 6:41

d let's get it done. And make: