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Episode 209: The Best of 2021 - Top 5 Downloaded Episodes
Episode 20929th December 2021 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 209: Best of 2021

Best of 2021

Welcome to the LYS Podcast! Today’s episode is one of my favorite of the year because it celebrates the listener favorites from the past year. Today we’ll hear little clips from the top five episodes of 2021. What did you guys love best? Which episodes lifted your spirits and gave you a dash of inspiration to create your best life story - whether that meant striving a little harder, living with intention, or making it through one of the muddy swamps in your life story?

Welcome to the top 5 LYS episodes of 2021. 

Let’s start out with #5 - Drum roll. This year you guys loved the idea of owning your own story - episode 188: Own Your Story takes us on a discussion of what it looks like to accept yourself, your life, your responsibility, and your power.

#4 favorite for 2021 is episode 185 My interview with Barney “Scout” Mann (trail name is Scout.) , the author of Journeys North and Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian trail and Continental Divide through-hiker. This Triple Crown hiker has logged a lot of miles: The Pacific Crest Trail is 2650 miles long and covers 26 national forests, 7 national parks, 5 state parks and 3 national monuments. It takes 5 months at an average of 20 miles a day. The Appalachian Trail is 2180 miles and the Continental Divide Trail is 3100 miles. His book Journeys North is stories from the PCT, stories about humanity, connection, strength, companionship.

#3 People’s choice for 2021 is episode 187 - Spiritual Gifts with Deb Atella. In 2005 Deb had a near death experience where she saw family members who had passed away. Her experience and ability to tune into the spirit world was something that took awhile to get used to, but as she accepted the gift, put limits on when she was available to the spirits on the other side, she embraced what felt like a spiritual gift. This episode is a conversation about spiritual gifts and her story.

Now to #2 - The second most loved episode of 2021 is the story of Michael Anthony in episode 193. Michael Anthony was born to a hyper-abusive drug addict mother who cut his finger off when he was 4-years-old, a step father you pray you never have, and a racist grandmother who pushed him into an identity crisis. By the time he was 9 his family was often homeless, certainly living in poverty, and he was eventually adopted by his grandmother. He turned to drugs and alcohol to survive the continued abuse.

He’s the creator of Think Unbroken. This interview is all about how we heal mentally from traumatic events in our lives. He shares his story to show what it looks like to keep climbing out of the hole and do whatever it takes to heal and excel.

I loved my interview with Michael because I could just hear the solid sense of self in everything he shared. His insights were powerful, his overcoming incredible. This was one of my favorite episodes too.

Now, here we are at #1 - the most downloaded episode of 2021 was Accept and Nurture your Awesome episode 184. My audience are seekers. People who want inspiration. People learning to love their story and accept their story. This episode launched 2021 with some life coach referrals and a quick discussion about leaning into nurturing our best selves. Maybe this episode was #1 because this is the starting point for all of us - self-acceptance, self-love, and healing any long-held beliefs that contribute to our false stories of unworthiness.

A huge thanks to all my listeners! You are exceptional, worthy, movers and shakers in your own lives. I applaud you for every step you take toward loving your story. And I thank you for being here on to listen to the great stories.

If you haven’t gotten your LYS t-shirt this year, hop on the website and grab one, and then send me a picture of you, anywhere in the world, wearing your t-shirt. I love collecting these, and people love these t-shirts.

As we end 2021 I extend my prayers and blessings for all of you and want to let you know that we have some brave, well-rounded topics coming in 2022, so stick with us and share us with the people you know. 

Also, you can still get copies of LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless everyday for friends and loved ones as they start a new year. Gifts that show you care. Links for purchasing are on - for t-shirts and the book. 

Close out 2021 with a celebration, and get ready to for all the wonderful days and weeks ahead of creating your best life story in 2022. What can you do today to create your best life story?