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How A Doctor Scales From Multifamily To Commercial Real Estate Syndications With Harry Nima Zegarra, MD
Episode 9522nd August 2022 • Ice Cream with Investors • Matt Fore
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One of the great things about real estate is how it provides you an avenue to

generate income on the side while still working on other things. For our guest

in this episode, that happens to be working as a doctor. And he found his

second passion in real estate. Join Matt Fore as he interviews Harry Nima Zegarra, MD about going into real estate while working in medicine. Harry is a critical care and pulmonary

medicine specialist and a real estate investor, business owner, and co-founder

and manager of NIMA Equity. He shares with us how

he fell into multifamily syndications and how hiring a property manager helped

him scale his business to the commercial side. Harry then offers some insights

on finding markets and properties. If you want to know the secret to how Harry

balances it all, tune in to this great conversation!



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