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Conversations for Change - Dolphin Kasper EPISODE 10, 13th April 2020
Episode #10 - Conversations for Change with Kelly Falardeau
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Episode #10 - Conversations for Change with Kelly Falardeau

Everyone experiences difficulties and set backs. we all have times when life hurts and feels like too much. Some of us have more than their share of these challenges and in some rare cases these people find a way to go beyond their limitations and obstacles and in so doing, they inspire us all to reach for what makes life so beautiful and they inspire us to realize our full potential.

At the age of 2, Kelly was severely burned over 75% of her body in her childhood home. Her life was forever changed in that moment. It led to numerous surgeries throughout her life. Because her scars are so visible it led to a life of being highly visible, to being bullied, to being shunned, to being avoided because they were uncomfortable knowing how to talk to her, and to her not feeling wanted, needed or even loved.

But she has a beautiful story of discovering for herself that she wanted herself, she needed herself and most of that she loved herself. She became herself and she owned who she was. She was not defined by what happened to her, not by any event that happened to her.

In this episode Dolphin and Kelly talk about her story, her life and what beauty means to her. Kelly shares about her work and shares insights we can all take with us to transform what has been our "problems" into a whole new possibility!

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