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A Quilter's Life - Paula Chamberlain 9th November 2020
Swan Sheridan
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Swan Sheridan

I would love the opportunity to go on a hike with Swan Sheridan as she could point out such interesting facts about what we would see. She also has interesting quilt patterns that you can find at Swan Amity Studios. On any given day, you can find this quilt artist half buried in fabric, brandishing her needle and thread, and otherwise surrounded by implements of creativity.

Find out more about Swan through these links:

Swan Amity Studios Website

Swan Amity Studios Facebook

Swan Sheridan on Twitter

Swan Amity Instagram

Thank you to Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis for sending Swan to contact me.

Check out Tammy‚Äôs website Tamarinis

Also on:

Tamarinis Facebook

Tamarinis Twitter

Tamarinis Pinterest

Tamarinis Instagram