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Part 2- From Alcohol Addiction and Homelessness to LA Grand Jury Prize, Denise Harrison
Episode 517th November 2020 • The Second Chapter • Slackline Productions
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Kristin chats with LA Grand Jury prize winner and writer, blogger and playwright, Denise Harrison. After 35, Denise was addicted to alcohol, homeless and knew that she might die that way. Here's the second chapter of her inspiring story. Denise Harrison writes as @justagirl2017x on twitter and is an award-winning writer, blogger, and emerging play-wright. She is passionate about mental health, and is the writer and the voice behind the multi award-winning short, animated film "This Is Depression", a snapshot of her life when mental illness, homelessness and addiction threatened to consume her.  Her on-line blog "Justagirl-My life" can be accessed at and tells her story in more detail. To date has been viewed by almost 58,000 people. Subscribe, review and share! for audio and video content Twitter: @slacklineprodu2 Instagram: @the_second_chapter_podcast On Facebook as Slackline Productions