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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 20, 28th July 2019
Living Your Cloud Nine Life!

Living Your Cloud Nine Life!

Carol and Deb had the pleasure of sitting down with Jordan Gross, author of “Getting Comfy, Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness” as well as the founder of Cloud Nine Living, a way of life that embraces living your life from a place of meaning and purpose. Jordan is also a leadership coach and Tedx speaker. He's accomplished all of this (and more!) before the age of 30, smashing the negative Millennial stereotypes.

Currently Jordan is working on his new book,"The Journey to Cloud Nine," a fictional book that incorporates the real stories that people have shared with him.

Join Carol and Deb as they talk to Jordan about why this book will be so impactful as well as the importance of putting good into the world and helping people to live their best lives. Learn how you can start your own Cloud Nine Life!

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