The Autism Dad Podcast - Rob Gorski EPISODE 12
Dr. Jason Kahn on managing meltdowns with Mightier
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Dr. Jason Kahn on managing meltdowns with Mightier

In today's episode, I have a conversation with Dr. Jason Kahn, PhD. Dr. Kahn is a researcher from Boston Children's Hospital, an instructor at Harvard, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Mightier. Mightier is a program that helps kids learn to self-regulate their emotions by playing video games. That means fewer emotional outbursts or meltdowns, and a reduction of parental stress.

This program is absolutely amazing and works for pretty much anyone. I speak with Dr. Kahn about how Mightier was developed, the science behind is and why it works so well. If your child is struggling with meltdowns or emotional outbursts, PLEASE listen and check out Mightier. I've been using it with my youngest for almost a year and it's amazing. 

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