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Who's Healing Whom: The Bond Between People and Animals
Episode 1426th May 2019 • The Divine Breadcrumb • Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen
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Thirteen years ago, Wendy lost all 9 of her pets in a house fire. During this interview, Wendy explains how she was able to transmute her overwhelming grief into founding the West Place Animal Sanctuary. West Place, located in Tiverton, RI, rescues animals from abuse, cruelty and neglect situations and gives them a second chance at life.

It takes a village to keep West Place going and Wendy explains the symbiotic and healing relationship between the animals and the many volunteers who keep the sanctuary running on a daily basis. It's truly heart-warming.

Wendy explains that we all have an "impact footprint" and there are so many ways that, as humans, we can help the world be a better place.

A few weeks prior to this interview, Carol and Deb had the honor of visiting the sanctuary to meet with Wendy and some of the incredible animals who call West Place their home. It was a life-changing experience and Wendy is truly an exceptional human being.

If you are interested in supporting the West Place Animal Sanctuary, either monetarily or in a volunteer capacity, there are numerous ways to help. Below are the links.

Connect with Wendy:
TEDx Talk:
RI Spotlight - Highlighting Community Heroes:

Connect with Carol and Deb: