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1 – Don Bachardy on Christopher Isherwood, a Short Story by Mike Carroll, Astrology by JoAnne Brasil, Music by Ernest Bloch Bell Ringers.
3rd September 2008 • Andy's Treasure Trove • Andy Moore
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Episode #1 includes an interview with Don Bachardy, noted portrait artist and longtime partner of British author Christopher Isherwood, along with Tina Mascara and Guido Santi, the creators of a new documentary called “Chris and Don, A Love Story” about Bachardy’s and Isherwood’s 30-year relationship. Then we’ll hear a short story written and read by Philadelphia defense attorney Mike Carroll, an astrological forecast for September from JoAnne Brasil, and end the episode with a lovely piece of music—Antonio Vivaldi’s Variations on a Theme performed by the Ernest Bloch Bell Ringers. This episode is 31 min. long. See photos under the keywords below.

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