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Resources for Recovery from Addiction & How to Overcome the Barriers to Treatment
12th December 2021 • Giving Voice to Recovery • Giving Voice to Recovery
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Kristina Wandzilak & Elizabeth Edwards discuss the many resources for recovery from addiction, barriers to treatment and what you can do to start the process of recovery now. They share their ideas and name the many places that individuals and families can reach out to find help for addiction. They emphasize that different people have different needs and the importance of meeting people where they are with compassion and kindness.

Elizabeth and Kristina share a passion for behavioral health awareness, sobriety and recovery from addiction. They discuss 12 step programs and other paths to recovery as well as the tools that have worked for them. Both women are in long term recovery. They advocate for education, a compassionate non judgemental approach to solutions for addiction and are committed to breaking stigma.

Kristina is the author of the critically acclaimed addiction memoir The Lost Years surviving a mother and daughter's worst nightmare. Her work on TLCs groundbreaking show Addicted went on to win the prestigious Prism award for the most accurate depiction of drug addiction. Her latest project was the television docu-series Codependent, which premiered on Lifetime and A and E. The riveting reality show documents Kristina's intervention work with addicted couples. The 6 episode series premiered as one of the most highly rated original shows on the Lifetime network. Kristina Wandzilak is credited with helping thousands of addicts and their families through her work as an international interventionist, author and television expert.

For more about the work of Interventionist Kristina Wandzilak and her story told through her book The Lost Years, visit the links below:


https://www.full circle recovery center....

The Lost Years

Elizabeth Edwards is a singer songwriter, and recording artist known for her smooth vocals and powerful lyrics. She is a person in long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder. She is a speaker and advocate for recovery causes and currently serves on the National Board of Directors for Faces & Voices of Recovery. She is the host of the new Podcast Giving Voice to Recovery.

Giving Voice to Recovery celebrates those who have found purpose in using their voice to change perceptions and challenge stereotypes while inspiring hope and providing awareness to those still seeking solutions for addiction.

"There is a healing power in sharing our personal recovery journeys."

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