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The Leadership Locker - Rich Cardona EPISODE 15, 26th November 2019
15. How to Sell From The Heart with Larry Levine
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15. How to Sell From The Heart with Larry Levine

Somehow, someway many people feel that veterans over superbly qualified for sales positions upon separation.  Besides the fact that we are capable of many other things, I have seen time and time again veterans being undervalued in the sales space with terribly low salaries or base salaries.

This can lead a pressure to simply SELL with the intent of money driving the manner in which they do so.  

Larry Levine, Sales Expert and author of Selling From the Heart, has come onto the show as a torch bearer to leading the revolution against empty suits.

With Larry's help, you can and WILL gain a better understanding of success sales tactics and less pressure filled days.  I thank Larry sincerely for reminding our community that their is a RIGHT way to excel in sales and its through the heart.