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Massachusetts Right to Repair Law: Vehicle Data Access [RR 574]
Episode 57425th September 2020 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Bill Hanvey, President and CEO of the Auto Care Association. Bill is engaging the automotive aftermarket to get involved in letting your legislators know the issue about data. Your help is needed to help in amending the right to repair legislation. Learn everything you can about this fight to amend the right to repair legislation. Ownership of Vehicle Telematic Data Must Flow to the Vehicle Owner.

Do you know that a car collects data as you drive? By 2022, 87% of new vehicles will be transmitting telematic data wirelessly. But who owns the data? The car manufacturer does. Without access to data, the independent service professional will not be able to get specific diagnostic data from the vehicle.

Bill leads the strategic direction of The Auto Care Association’s 3,000 members and 150,000 companies representing automotive manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. Find Bill’s other episodes HERE.

Aaron Lowe, Senior Vice President, Regulatory and Government Affairs.

Key Talking Points:

  • Massachusetts Question 1 - “Right to Repair Law” Vehicle Data Access Requirement Initiative (2020)
  • Find detailed data on the position from both sides and the support for and against:
  • OEMs have invested $25 Million against this
  • The aftermarket does 70% of the repairs
  • The stakes are high and federal is following this
  • Who has the data will determine who will repair cars in the future
  • Ad campaign from the OEMs are telling the consumer that they will be stalkedThey are playing on fear
  • They do have a foundation to stand on for why they should not allow access to mechanical data except for monopolization
  • In Europe you have to do to the OEMs cloud for data and pay for it
  • Aaron Lowe “If the manufactures determine the terms of the data, the independent part of the industry is dead”.
  • This is a anti consumer initiative that would take choice away
  • If they totally controlled the data the OEMs could determine who sells their cars
  • Bill Hanvey: “It is ironic that the OEMs are criticizing the aftermarket for an accusation that is not true about accessing personal data, yet their business model is built upon selling that personal data”.
  • Aaron Lowe is working with other industry groups and associations to work on federal legislation
  • Opposition is spending a lot of money because they have a bad message
  • In 2012 we won the Right To Repair by a 84%-16% margin. It won’t be that wide this time
  • Message is simple: concentrating on consumer choice. It resonates with consumers and the voters in Massachusetts
  • Any shop in Massachusetts please pass on the need to vote yes. Get the marketing materials to your customers. Go to or email 
  • Big supporters of this initiative are:CARE: Coalition of Automotive Repair Equality
  • All the major retailers and distributors
  • AWDA
  • This is not the time to sit on the sidelines. Everyone's help is needed
  • Vehicle data ownershipMost people don’t know their car is transmitting data- have no control of data
  • People who are made aware want to have control of data and be activist
  • Telematic data- transmitted wirelessly, by the year 2022 87% of new vehicles will be transmitting wirelessly
  • Right to Repair- passed in 2013, make nationwide program. Same access as the dealership. Telematic data left out. Have legislation to amend the Right to Repair Act to include telematics data. Pursuing ballot question for voters to vote if legislation doesn’t go through.Hoping by Fall of 2020 legislation or ballot will be passed
  • 66 sponsors of the bill, need 100 to be sure it will be passed
  • Get involvedLet your legislators know the issue of data
  • Create a relationship with your congressperson- have them visit your business to hear your story
  • – government affairs section, telematics petition
  • – download information to educate employees and customers
  • Educational campaign- activate industry
  • Tariffs-tax on the American consumerWill affect consumer
  • Consolidation of industrySuppliers and distribution- service provider next
  • Opportunity for buyer and seller of businesses  


  • Thanks to Bill Hanvey and Aaron Lowe for their contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast.
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