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Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud - Elisa Kurylowicz 28th August 2019
Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Kristy Lewis
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Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Kristy Lewis

Wow!  Can you believe it! It is Wednesday, August 28th AND my 60th episosde of Elisa Unfiltered. That’s an exciting little milestone.

Today’s show is all about Lifestyle Medicine with Ottawa’s most recommended Naturopathic healer Dr. Kristy Lewis.

Kristy understands the potential we all have to be our best selves. Our bodies, minds and emotions give us messages when we are not in alignment with ourselves (in other words, out of balance).  Dr. Kristy listens to each patient’s individual story and makes the connections between the messages, how we are feeling and where we want to go.  She takes a natural approach to healing, bringing us back to center in our lives and she accomplishes this with passion, dignity and grace.

Dr.  Kristy has a private Practice at Sage Wellness in Ottawa. She hosts a wonderful podcast titled “In Between Visits”, and a blog where she shares her knowledge to help interested people figure out what’s actually going on in life. She is here today to talk about a few of the major pillars that impact us within lifestyle management!!