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Personalized Learning Methods of Best Practice
7th May 2018 • GotTechED the Podcast • Eric Guise/Nick Johnson
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GotTechED Episode 6: Snow (Make-up) Days

Welcome to GotTechED the Podcast! In this episode, Guise and Nick debate whether E-Learning is a viable way for districts to make up snow days.  They talk about the different ways that teachers can personalize learning for their students. After a teacher’s inquiry, Guise and Nick talk about the characteristics of quality edtech. Finally, they argue within the category of “Education Resources” in their next Tech Battle Royale!  Enhance your personalized learning today!

How E-learning allows districts to be creative with snow days.

  1. David Sherwin’s take on E-learning

Methods of Personalized Learning

Teacher Question: What characteristics do you look for when selecting technology?

Tech Battle Royale: Topic: Educational Resources

  1. Guise argues Ditch that Textbook by Matt Miller @Jmattmiller
  2. Nick argues Shake Up Learning by Casey Bell @shakeuplearning

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  1. The Degs: Shotgun
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