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Night Terriers
Episode 1918th March 2013 • Podcast Review Show – Get Your Podcast Reviewed • David Jackson & Erik K. Johnson
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I had the most creative request to get a podcast review. I was told they really valued my opinion. I decided to review the show. I write this with a pain in my stomach as I hate to provide constructive feedback to people who look up to my opinion.  These seem to be very creative people who have not quite “found their voice.” They are obviously creative, but their efforts didn’t bring us to any release of emotions. Yes you have found the ability to add some sound effects to your voice, but much like the movies without a decent plot special effects can’t carry a movie. As you know these dogs, this might be funnier to you. As new listeners we don’t have that “inside view” into the dogs personality. Keep going, you might be on to something.

What We Liked

The artwork on the website showed lots of promise.

Not a huge time commitment per episode (short).

You sound like Hoops and Yoyo.

What Needs Tweaked

Change your headlines. 80% of what people read is based on the headlines.

There is a chance that some of the jokes here are a bit of an inside joke. In some cases we really had to think about the punch line to really understand if this was funny (if you have to explain the joke it’s not funny).

Make it easier listen to the podcast.

Don’t send people away from your website.

Remove the html from the beginning of the blog post (show notes)

Use the powerpress plugin.

I would get your podcast on your own self hosted website (not

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