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Episode 1121st April 2019 • Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! • Jim Lynch
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Hello "Feel Good" Runners!

How is everyone? All good? Running well? As we wind down April, the Boston Marathon is now behind us. The weather seemed to have held up well and some really great running stories came out of the marathon this year. I feature a few of them in my news segment. Congratulations to all of you that participated this year and hope you had a great time.

This episode I talk about the Boston Marathon and the news segment include a few inspirational stories from this years race. If you ran it, consider sending a voice message and share how your run was this year. Just click the orange tap on the right of the page and you will have three minutes.

My guest's this episode are a wonderful Maui couple, Sam & Lindsey Wilbur. Lindsey is one of the top female runners here on Maui and she also runs marathons. She has completed 18 full marathons and 5 have been Boston. Earlier this month she did the Rotterdam Marathon in the Netherlands.

Lindsey's husband Sam is a former runner and had aspirations to be on the Olympic team. A professional runner for New Balance he made 5 USATF National Teams and competed in the 1996 and 2000 Olympic trials in the Steeplechase but got eliminated in the semi-finals each time. Retiring from running in 2002, he now dabbles as an individual running coach and operates a small race management business, Maui Running. This company puts on several corporate fun runs each year on the island.

Sam's passion and #1 goal is to travel to every country in the world. He has already traveled to 107 countries out of 196 so he has 89 to go. And he travels expending very little money which he does churning credit cards. Please don't try this unless you are a very detailed person. World Wide Wilbur is Sam's new side hustle. You can find blogs, links and some very good travel tips to help you with your travels and to save money.  Runners that travel to races can benefit from the tips found at World Wide Wilbur.

With everything going on in Sam & Lindsey's live their most important job is being parents to two wonderful boys!

Also during my opening, I talk about my frustration recently heading out for a run and my watch beeps low battery. This is user error on my part and I have no idea what is wrong with me. Post it notes might be my ticket to remember to do things! Aside from talking about this years Boston Marathon, I finish up with some interesting statistics (STATS!) from the recently released 2018 National Runner Survey from Running USA.

And finally I thank you so much for listening. I enjoy brining to you this Podcast 2 times per month and hope to expand it more in the future. It does take quite a bit of time and right now we do not have sponsors or any type of income for the show. I do this because I love doing it but hope to attract sponsors in the future.

That said, I could really use your help by sharing the Podcast with your running friends and through Social Media. And also important is to leave a review on Apple Podcast! Reviews help to increase exposure for the show and attracts new listeners. So if you can do this for me I can keep bringing you a good running podcast. I appreciate all my listeners!

Enjoy Episode #11... And as always...remember to just show up and always, ALWAYS feel good about YOUR running!



Jim's Opening

Boston Marathon 

Michelle "Mo" Wheeler- Ran and finished the Boston Marathon in 4:53:13 and ran forSamaritans Marathon Team (26.2 miles for suicide prevention)

Running USA

Jimmy Johnson - Completes the Boston Marathon in [3:09:07]

Yasir Salem - Link to the Gweneviere Mann Foundation - Yasir is over 21 marathons to his goal of 50 in 50!


News Segment

Tedy Bruschi  - Ran the Boston Marathon for Tedy's Team - Finished in [4:35:35] - (Article by Tommy McArdle -

Micah Herndon - Marine crawled the final 100 yards of the Boston Marathon - Finished in 3:38 - (Article by Billy Kobin - - VIDEO - Washington Post

Red Hilton  - Last runner to finish the 2019 Boston Marathon - (Article by Nicole Yang -



Sam & Lindsey Wilbur

Lindsey Wilbur - Article - A Peak into the Life of a Modern Marathoner

Lindsey's Facebook Page

Maui Running - Sam's running page. Also packed with runs, hikes and a race calendar for Maui!

World Wide Wilbur - Sam's travel site packed with blogs, travel tips, travel guides and ways to save hundreds of dollars traveling!

Sam's Facebook Page



Inspirational Running Quote

"The Obsession with Running is Really an Obsession with the Potential for More and More LIFE!" - George Sheehan, M.D., Author of Going the Distance

As a runner, non-runners sometimes say we are obsessed. I am happy to say I am obsessed with running because it has enhanced my life and made me a better person. This is where I drop the mic, turn and walk away!



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