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Smashing the Plateau - David Shriner-Cahn EPISODE 560, 11th January 2021
Product Discovery Consulting Featuring Jim Morris
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Product Discovery Consulting Featuring Jim Morris

Jim Morris co-founded PowerReviews which grew to 1,200+ clients and sold for $168 million. He product-managed and architected one of the first ecommerce engines at online retailer Fogdog.com which had a $450 million IPO.

We discuss:

  • The need for product discovery [02:06]
  • Choose your own adventure [05:42]
  • Why product discovery is so important for the software industry [07:30]
  • The secret behind Zoom’s success in a time of pandemic [09:43]
  • The time is now for every company [11:18]
  • The best companies where product discovery works well [12:52]
  • The wrong things product teams focus on [14:37]
  • A reflective process with multiple solutions [17:08]
  • From shepherding a concept through a process to becoming a subject-matter expert [21:56]
  • A pattern-matching ability that translates theory into practice [23:38]
  • Unlocking innovation in companies and potential in employees [25:46]

These days, he coaches Product teams and Product leaders at startups and corporations to replicate this success. He’s created a custom curriculum and training program that pulls from his 25 years of experience and the best minds in Product Management. He graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science.

Learn more about Jim at https://productdiscoverygroup.com and Twitter

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