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Ways to Unify Your Team [THA 358]
Episode 35814th December 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Rick White, Vic Tarasik, and Murray Voth discuss the importance of unifying a team within a business. They highlight the need for a common purpose beyond just making money, and the importance of involving the team in decision-making. They also share their personal experiences and strategies for setting goals, providing feedback, and fostering a culture of respect and empathy. The conversation emphasizes the importance of clear communication, shared vision, and ongoing effort in maintaining team unity.
Rick White, President and Lead Coach for 180BIZ, Listen to Rick’s previous episodes HERE. Vic Tarasik, CEO of Shop Owner Coach. Vic’s previous episodes HERE. Murray Voth, RPM Training. Listen to Murray’s previous episodes HERE Show Notes:
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  • The importance of team unity (00:02:14) Discussion on the significance of having a common destination and purpose to unite the team.
  • Dealing with toxic employees (00:03:07) Exploring the challenges of firing toxic top performers and the need to protect the team's culture.
  • Starting with purpose and orientation (00:06:24) Highlighting the importance of discussing basic expectations, goals, and the bigger purpose with new employees during orientation.
  • Finding your why? (00:09:40) Exploring how shop owners can identify their personal values and use them to create a shared vision with their team.
  • Keeping customers in their vehicles (00:11:19) Highlighting the financial benefits of helping customers maintain their current vehicles instead of replacing them, and the role of debt in vehicle ownership.
  • The Value We Bring to the Table (00:18:47) Discussion on the tendency to teach employees to rely on the owner for answers and the importance of understanding the different responsibilities of a business owner.
  • Becoming the Brain of the Shop (00:19:11) Exploration of the discomfort and stress owners may feel when transitioning to office work and the need to embrace the role of the brain in running the business.
  • Setting Vision and Leading Meetings (00:20:50) Tips for owners on setting vision and leading meetings effectively, including the importance of being the one speaking at the front of the room and setting a consistent meeting schedule.
  • Setting Quarterly Goals and Assessments (00:27:56) Discussion about setting business and personal goals every quarter, and conducting assessments every 90 days.
  • Alternative Review Process (00:28:53) Exploration of a more modern and less stressful approach to employee reviews, including asking three simple questions to team members.
  • Boundaries and Professionalism (00:33:30) Importance of setting boundaries and maintaining professionalism while still being open, caring, and supportive as a leader.
  • The world in 1492 (00:37:18) Discussion about what people believed about the world in 1492, whether it was round or flat, and the fears associated with sailing too far.
  • Importance of leadership role (00:38:29) Emphasis on the role of leaders in businesses and the need for them to focus on decision-making, tracking numbers, and steering the company in the right direction.
  • Clarity, communication, and celebration (00:40:45) The importance of clarity, communication, and celebrating achievements in unifying a team and creating a positive work environment.
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