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Discover The Future of Money - Lori Souza 23rd February 2020
Introduction to the Channel- The Future of Money
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Introduction to the Channel- The Future of Money

Meet your host Lori Souza, Entrepreneur, Educator, Engineer, Change Agent, then enjoy a little Pink Floyd

Discover the Future of Money and How to Thrive in the Innovative Economy

Have you heard of Digital Currencies? Cryptocurrencies? Blockchain Technology? Bitcoin? Well, whether you have or not, you won't want to miss this podcast.

 I interview the experts in the space. They tell us about their business applications using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Technology recognizes the individual in transacting, where the internet does not. Blockchain decentralizes the internet and can offer built in contracts for sender and receiver, used for businesses who want dependable, immutable, verifiable, logged transactions.

Digital Currencies run on the Blockchain and establish their store of value based on usage of that blockchain, market and future value.